BrainTalks is a series that intends to grow over the coming years. We have had audiences between 50 to 200 people, with the next steps in development including the following:  maintenance of videoconferencing to affiliated sites across British Columbia, online videos of the talks available, and increased funding. With increased funding, we hope to invite international speakers from outside Vancouver, and support half-day or full day conference events. In addition, we hope to professionally produce the videos of our events for general public viewing.


In alignment with the new strategic vision for the Department of Psychiatry, BrainTalks at UBC intends to develop greater public awareness of the signs, diagnosis, and treatment of brain diseases, including mental illness. Placing this knowledge in the context of emerging neuroscience discoveries enabled by exciting new technology, is part of the series intent. The diversity of different disciplines that explore the brain, can be utilized to enhance knowledge aquisition. With cross-disciplinary laboratories for brain research opening up and strengthening in research technique, in many areas over the globe, it is important to include Vancouver, in this network of growing knowledge.


Panel discussionBrainTalks is designed to invite a diverse array of professionals, partly with the goal to promote stimulating discussions that could potentially lead to new insight or research and / or development partnerships, and promote excellence in research.


Also, available to distributed sites, BrainTalks now provides knowledge to students and physicians in rural areas in British Columbia, as part of its enhancement of student learning, and interest in knowledge dissemination.


For more on the strategic plan of the Department of Psychiatry at UBC, read more