Neuroscience in Education

Neuroscience in education slide show


Jenn Ferris ~ MSc student, The Brain Behavior Laboratory, UBC

Recent advances in neuroplasticity research are changing the way we think about learning and development across the lifespan. Jenn will review recent findings about neuroplasticity in children, and will examine the implications of neuroplasticity research for childhood education and working with learning disability.

Dr. Rachel Weber, PhD ~ Assistant Professor, School Psychology, UBC

The skills known as executive functions contribute widely to lifespan development and underlie childhood academic, social, and behavioral success. Dr Weber will describe how these skills are sensitive to injury and insult but are also amenable to change, making them an important consideration when discussing both risk and resilience in children.

Howard Eaton ~ Founder/Director, Eaton Arrowsmith 

Howard Eaton will focus his talk on the value of cognitive training in the lives of children with learning disabilities.  Does cognitive training override the value of curriculum instruction for children struggling in school?  Howard speaks from his experience as the Founder/Director of the Eaton Arrowsmith Schools in Vancouver, BC and Redmond WA, and as the Research Director for the Arrowsmith Program.

Panel discussion and wine and cheese reception to follow

Tuesday, Oct 27 2015, 6:30pm @ Paetzold Auditorium, Vancouver General Hospital