Love and Intimacy


 Join us for our next Brain Talks event for some engaging presentations and discussions about Love and Intimacy! 

When: Wednesday February 12, 2019 at 6:00pm

Where: VGH Paetzhold Theatre

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Dr. Rebecca Cobb: Sexual Communication
Dr. Spencer Wade and Veronica Li, RCC: Is Love an Emotion?
Dr. Rebecca Cobb is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University. Dr. Cobb directs the Close Relationships Lab at SFU. Her research examines developmental trajectories of and transitions in close relationships; factors that predict sexual functioning and relationship success; and prevention of relationship distress. See more about Dr. Cobb’s research here:
Dr. Spencer Wade is a Clinical Psychologist working primarily in the field of rehabilitation psychology. He routinely assists clients to navigate the challenges following a traumatic injury, including issues related to sexuality and barriers to engaging in a fulfilling, intimate relationship. Dr. Wade’s curiosity about human intimacy led him to study the nature of love, sex and relationships over the life span.
Veronica Li is a Registered Clinical Counselor and a PsyD Candidate at Adler University. Ms. Li’s research interests are focused on the influence of social norms on human sexuality. She is currently training in the area of traumatic brain injuries and is specifically interested in the intersection between brain injury and intimate relationships.
Panel discussion and catered networking to follow!